LMS Shuttle on the LEGO Club Website!

Posted: July 13, 2011 in LEGO, NASA, News
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LEGO Club decided to do a rather nice piece on the shuttle. The theme of the LEGO Club’s website this month is the end of the shuttle era.

The July 8th launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis marked the 135th and final launch of NASA’s Space Shuttle program. As a tribute, Marc, John and myself created a LEGO MINDSTORMS model. The model went public on April 12, 2011: the 30th anniversary of start of the shuttle program and the 50th anniversary of human space flight.

LEGO Club contacted me a few months ago for some stats and pictures from the construction and first few events. They included theses images as well as a nice write up on the shuttle in their article. You can find the article here!

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