NXTBee Blocks Updated

Posted: August 24, 2011 in LEGO, News
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There have been a few minor bugs found with the NTBee block. I have corrected these and they are live on Files page. Note the version has changed on the blocks. The current version is 2.12. If you are running an older version I suggest you update. This update addresses an issue with setting the type of data you intend to send or receive. Thank you Alan for finding these! If anyone else finds something not quite right with the block, please let me know!

Also, there has been some confusion on how the read works. It will wait until it receives a message. You must start to read before you send, otherwise the message may be lost.

  1. Alan M Gilkes says:


    Thanks to your version 2.12 NXTBee block, plus the copy of the enhanced firmware (V1.31) from your “Files” page, I can now see my NXTBee boards working for the first time!

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