Australia Trip Day 5

Posted: February 27, 2012 in News
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I have been glued to the weather radar since I arrived in Australia. I am looking for a clear night. Well today the radar finally showed some hope this evening. I spent much of the day preparing for tonight, picking out targets and planning what to do if it is clear enough to open. Well there were a few small openings before midnight, but at 12:15, the sky magically cleared. I jumped on this opportunity to grab some images. I am proud to present some of the highlights of my night (so far!!). The first image is a spiral galaxy (M83). The next image is an open cluster (M93).

Below is Saturn. Since it is so close, it is very bright. It is hard to get the exposure right. This image had a blue filter and a super fast shutter. Most of the other images you see here were exposed for several minutes.

This last image is a large nebula (NGC 2070). A nebula is like a cloud of gas in space.

All images were taken at the Oakley Southern Sky Observatory on our 20″ RC Optical Systems reflector telescope.


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