RS485 LabVIEW Block Speeds

Posted: July 9, 2012 in News

I have gotten a few questions regrading the “Set Speed” numbers in the RS485 LabVIEW VIs. To make life easy for everyone, I thought I would post them in one spot. Below are the numbers and the speeds they represent. Note: these are the same numbers used in the Enhanced Firmware for RS485 speed. These values do not work on the standard firmware as it is locked to 921600.


#define     HS_BAUD_1200   0
#define     HS_BAUD_2400   1
#define     HS_BAUD_3600   2
#define     HS_BAUD_4800   3
#define     HS_BAUD_7200   4
#define     HS_BAUD_9600   5
#define     HS_BAUD_14400   6
#define     HS_BAUD_19200   7
#define     HS_BAUD_28800   8
#define     HS_BAUD_38400   9
#define     HS_BAUD_57600   10
#define     HS_BAUD_76800   11
#define     HS_BAUD_115200   12
#define     HS_BAUD_230400   13
#define     HS_BAUD_460800   14
#define     HS_BAUD_921600   15
#define     HS_BAUD_DEFAULT   15


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