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So a few weeks ago I got a VEX IQ set. I have been working on mobile robotic arm. This video showcases the drive base for the robot. I have it working via remote. All the software is written in RobotC. This is just step 1, the arm will be the next challenge, but just wanted to share what I have been doing!

You can learn more about VEX IQ here and join the discussion forum!


As many of you know, I am a ham (my callsign is KK4LWR), or amateur radio operator. Over the holidays I ventured home (to very cold Ohio) and worked on a cool project with my brother, Tony. Tony, KD8RTT, and myself took a cheap CB whip and cut it down for mobile operation on the 10 meters band. The process was pretty simple and if you’re a new ham, it is a good, cheap way to get on the air. This hack is also a good introduction to using an antenna tuner and the importance of a standing wave ratio (SWR).

Check out the original post on my brother’s blog.

Many of the people that follow my blog know I do a lot of robotics. I build robots, I write software for robots, and I mentor/coach FIRST teams. If you know anything about FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), you know January and February are busy months. This is the build season. Between my research and mentoring a team, I have almost no free time. I do have a few projects that need to be posted and I will try and get to them as soon as I can. I have some updates on my Glow with the Show ears, APRS on a Beaglebone, NXT Simulink Tutorial, and VEX IQ.

In case you were wondering what this year’s FRC game is, see below!