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I’m Alive!

Posted: May 24, 2015 in News

Wow, it is been a busy six months! In case you haven’t seen my travels on Facebook, I have been all over the country and busy with several projects. This post will just be a quick recap and I’ll focus on sharing the projects this summer!9484_1580717765473637_493469672449590109_n

  • December 2014: LEGO Club Magazine posts my Creep3r and I spend a good chunk of my time researching some power vacuum tube projects.
  • January 2015: Lots of FIRST events, roof work at W4DFU, and a Raspi picture display project for my church
  • February 2015: Intel Edison and LEGO MINDSTORMS interfacing (more to see at Maker Faire NY 2015 in September!), Orlando Hamcation, Creep3r goes to LEGO World, and more FIRST (South Florida Regional).
  • March 2015: FLL State Championship, Orlando FRC Regional, and NVIDIA GTC (and visits to Groupon and Google).
  • April 2015: Southern Maine Gearbots district meet (Jr. FLL), FIRST Championship, and Megacon.
  • May 2015: International ROBOT MAK3R Day (LIVE from the LEGOLAND Florida Resort) and more work at W4DFU

So that brings us to the countless projects (some mentioned above) that I have been working on! Lots of LEGO MINDSTORMS, 3D Printing, Intel Edison, Raspberry Pi (Raspi), just to name a few. Be sure to stay tuned this summer as I work to get all these projects online!