Maker Tip: Label Your Tools

Posted: September 21, 2016 in Maker Tips
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One of the great joys of making is building things with friends. However, sometimes tools end up going home with the wrong maker. Typically in the rush of cleanup, tools get misplaced. Labeling tools is an easy way to ensure they end up going home with the correct person.

This lesson I learned from my grandfather, a master plumber. He would work on job sites with multiple other trades. Keeping track of tools was very important, especially moving from job site to job site. Most of my tools have been passed down to me from my grandfather. Many already are marked with my grandfather’s last name and my middle name, Jesse. As I have acquired new tools, like the work light pictured in this post, I have kept the tradition of marking my tools with “Jesse”. Using the same name makes it easier to keep track of tools and even though he lives nearly a thousand miles away in Ohio, it ensures he is part of every project I make!


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