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MakerFaire PhotoAndrew Milluzzi’s mother recognized his potential at an early age.  “Andy, you’re going to be an engineer,” she declared to her young son as he enthusiastically built objects with LEGO bricks one day at his home.  His response: “But Mom, I don’t wanna drive a train!”

Over twenty years later he is still at it, though the projects have grown and now involve complex electronics. Andrew is Ph.D. Student at the University of Florida studying Computer Engineering. A LEGO MINDSTORMS Community Partner and maker, Andy spends his free time playing with everything electronic. From Arduino and EV3 to custom reconfigurable systems, he is at home working on innovative and challenging problems. As a big supporter of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition and Inspiration of Science and Technology) and encouraging children to pursue a degree in science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM), Andrew is also the FIRST Senior Mentor for Florida, starting and supporting teams all over the state.

Andrew is a 2012 graduate of the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology receiving 2 degrees: BS in Computer Engineering and a BS in Software Engineering with a minor in Robotics.  Andrew received a Masters of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Florida in 2013 and his PhD in 2017. He is also a licensed amateur extra class radio operator (ham) with callsign KK4LWR. Andrew is the past President of the Gator Amateur Radio Club, W4DFU at the University of Florida. Many of his more recent projects are centered around his radio hobby.

You can find Andrew online usually as 08milluz, AndyM, amilluzz, or milluzaj on various forums related to electronics, LEGO, making, and software.

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  2. Gary Drumm says:

    Andrew, You might be interested to know the my son, Anthony, is similar to you in his love for Legos. He’s been building things literally since he was 3 years old. Last year I showed him the article written about you on the RH news website “Life’s A Snap”, and told him about Rose and he has now determined that that’s where he wants to go to college. The kid was 8 years old at the time, and now he has a picture of the Rose campus hanging on his bedroom wall and follows posts about Rose on Youtube and Facebook.:-) He’s also doing Youtube videos and has a little website to showcase his creations, and this summer he’s getting his first Mindstorm (though he doesn’t know it yet). I thought you’d get a kick out of that. That simple story has inspired another young mind as to what is possible and he’s now setting his goals and aiming high. At any rate, congratulations on your recent graduation and your work towards the PhD. I’ll tell Anthony about your website.

    • 08milluz says:

      Thank you for the kind note. Actually, my brother’s name is Anthony and he will be attending Rose-Hulman in the fall to major in Electrical Engineering. 🙂

      As much fun as it is to do engineering, the real reward is hearing stories like this. I hope he has fun with his new kit! It will open up a whole new world of possibilities for him! If you (or Anthony) have any questions, please feel free to email or facebook me! Again, thank you for the note!

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  4. Debbie Harker says:

    What a wonderful story Andrew! You have given my son some ideas. My son will be starting Rose-Hulman in the fall for ME but considering a double major as you did. Is there a way I can get the brick lego layout for the Rose-Hulman “R”? I would love to get him the bricks as a Christmas gift. Thanks!

    • 08milluz says:


      I need to spend some time and simplify the construction process, but sure. It is quite a few bricks (cost is a few hundred bucks). I also have made a smaller one. I will send both to the email you associated with this comment.

      • Hi Andrew, I’m interested in the smaller one you have designed. I told the Rose bookstore this would be a great item to carry! I’m still interested in this for a gift – I know he would love.
        Thanks so much!

  5. Ariff Fizle says:

    Dear Andrew,

    I am currently a 4th year student at Imperial College London, reading Mechanical Engineering. For my final year project/dissertation I am investigating the skin interactions in football boots from a mechanical/tribological angle.

    I am writing you this email as I am very interested in the video you made with the Sensoria Smart Sock. I am looking into purchasing on of these socks to obtain a 3d pressure profile of the pressure in a football boot in use. I was wondering if you could maybe give some insight into what would be the best way to do this from an electronics point of view.

    Essentially I am looking at identifying which are the critical points of the foot under the most pressure during use. I would also need a profile of the whole foot and not just the sole.

    Your help would be truly valued.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Ariff Faisal
    MEng 4th Year
    Imperial College London
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Imperial College London

    Email: ariff.faisal14@gmail.com

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