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Tony Antonelli (Pilot STS 119 and 132) stopped by and added to the signatures from Cady Coleman (Mission Specialist STS 73 and 93 and Expedition 26/27 crew)! Tony stuck around for almost two hours answering questions, building, and signing autographs. After a successful launch, how better to celebrate then with an astronaut!

The LMS Shuttle is truly an interactive monument to all the hard work and dedication of the crews of the Space Shuttle Program. I invite all astronauts to sign a panel and leave your mark on this robot.

Tony spent 1.5 hours just hanging out with us and building with the kids! What a cool guy!

The shuttle will be appearing later this month at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Stay tuned for exact date and time.

For now, the shuttle is packed up and on its way to Texas for upgrades and bug fixes. Pictures will be uploaded to its facebook page from the trip. Joe Meno also helped me make an exclusive video that should be posted in the next few days! While shooting the video, the shuttle attracted quite a crowd. Lots of pictures and questions. I am glad this project is inspiring others to shoot for the stars!

Arrived at Kennedy this morning to discover an addition to my shuttle. See if you can guess who signed it! (Bonus points for guessing her most notable mission!)