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This very well might be my last post before making it back to the USA (depending on if I can find free Wifi). Today was a rather rainy day. I spent some time organizing cables and ensuring there was nothing that would obstruct movement of the telescope. Since I am largely unable to test the software, I ended up reverting my changes (rather be safe than sorry). The modifications will need to be tested over the next few weeks between Dr. Ditteon and John. The Oakley Southern Sky Observatory is actually on the front lawn of John’s house. He takes care of the observatory when something breaks and is a great person. I want to publicly thank John for helping me over the past few day. I also want to than the Australia National University for allowing me to stay at Siding Spring’s astronomer’s lodge.

Since it was raining today, John took me up to the telescope he works on: The Faulkes 2 meter Telescope. The Faulkes is run by Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network. I got to take some nice images of the scope. See below!




I was also able to take a quick video of the telescope moving! Quite an amazing sight!

I will be leaving for the airport bright and early tomorrow morning. It is about 32 hours to get back to Rose-Hulman in Indiana, USA. Wish me luck!