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Australia Trip Day 2 (officially)

Posted: February 24, 2012 in News

Today has been amazing! I have a few pictures from the mountain during sunset. I also have some images from the 2.3 meter scope. The pictures speak for themselves!

More photos can be seen in my Facebook album.

Australia Trip Day 2 (kind of)

Posted: February 23, 2012 in News

I have arrived safely in Sydney. It is Friday here, but Thursday back in the States. Here is a quick picture from the Sydney Airport. I will upload some more once I get to  Siding Springs!

Australia Trip Day 1

Posted: February 22, 2012 in News


I am on my way to Australia! After receiving ashes for Ash Wednesday, I quickly headed over to the Indianapolis International Airport. I will be heading out to Chicago, Los Angles, Sydney then Dubbo. This will be the last post for 36 hours. Next post will have some beautiful images from the land down under!

This project has kind of been a secret, but it seems to be nearing completion and I really want to share it. For Christmas my parents got me an iRobot Create. I am a huge fan of the Arduino and wanted to get a shield for it. I soon discovered that there were no good shields for the Create so I set about making my own. After several revisions (and some magic blue smoke) I finally have a working board. I have not populated all the features of the latest revision (Rev. C) yet, but I do have status LEDs and basic serial communication working. What does my shield do? This board provides power LEDs for all major power supplies coming from the Create, it also allows the Arduino to monitor the battery level. There are header’s for the Create’s built in I/O as well.

While the board is working correctly, it is not quite perfect. The big issue is that there is a ton of heat coming from the Arduino. This is from the voltage regulator. I am well within tolerance, but linear voltage regulators are known to put off a ton of heat. I plan to add some voltage regulation to the shield so it does not put so much strain on the built in Arduino regulator.

So now for the bad news (or good news depending on how you look at it). Tomorrow I leave to go to Australia. I am going to Rose-Hulman’s Oakley Southern Sky Observatory in New South Whales, Australia. That means I will not be working on this shield for a about a week (or other NXT projects). I will be blogging some of the images from my trip. Another hobby of mine is Astronomy. Last year I wrote some software to control our observatory. Think of it as a really big (super expensive) robot. In addition to doing some work at the Rose-Hulman Observatory, I will also be visiting Siding Springs Observatory, located just a few miles away.