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Day 4 was a bit more challenging. There are a lot of details in socket programming. I hope you enjoyed seeing the debugging process, tracking down that sendto() issue for UDP packets!

Day 5 will be about multi-threading. Specifically looking at OpenMP as a quick way to get a multi-threaded application going. This should be a bit easier to develop than the networking code, but much more complex when it comes to debugging.

There is a super helpful OpenMP API cheat sheet located here.

All the code from Day 4 is up on Github. If you have any suggestions on content you’d like me to cover or would like more details, send me a message in the contact page and I will be sure to get back to you!

I’ll be making a new post for each video. Video will be left on YouTube for you to watch later and reference and all code will be pushed to github.

If you are looking for some reference books, both of these are very good, even though they are older.