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Day 1 seemed to go well with 28 folks joining us during the stream, live. The video should be available as soon as it is done processing. Day 1 covered the basics of functions, if/else statements, while loops, and printing.

Day 2 will focus on pointers in C/C++ and the use of header files. We will also discuss arguments to our main function and the use of strings.

All the code from Day 1 is up on Github. If you have any suggestions on content you’d like me to cover or would like more details, send me a message in the contact page and I will be sure to get back to you!

I’ll be making a new post for each video. Video will be left on YouTube for you to watch later and reference and all code will be pushed to github.

If you are looking for some reference books, both of these are very good, even though they are older.