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Posted: July 26, 2011 in Engineering, News
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Everyone has heard of the xBee, but the guys over at Seeed Studio have taken the concept to a new level. Leveraging the 20 pin Bee package used by Digi, this GPS is really easy to use. After some tinkering the GPS was able to find me. Using it with my xBee Arduino shield, I was able to talk to the bee over UART. Since power and data pins match the xBee, most Arduino shields work beautifully. Check out the pic below. I plan to interface it with the Maple and share my libraries. This cheap (45USD) GPS is great for people who are new to using embedded GPS systems.

This is my first purchase from Seeed Studio. The people there were great to work with (shipped me out a second order after the China post office lost the package). They also make a Wifi Bee and Bluetooth Bee. While I am yet to try any of these, it certainly seems like Seeed Studio is innovating and creating cool products. I will be sure to share a library for the Arduino and Maple once I have them polished.