Maker Tip: Start with a clean workspace

Posted: August 31, 2016 in Maker Tips

I wanted to start a new series on things I have learned while making. I figured this would be a good place to start. Always start a project with a clean makerspace!

Making things always seems to clutter up my desk. From tools to parts to test equipment, things quickly get messy. While cleaning up after my last project, I snapped a quick pic. This is my desk after cleaning up most of the mess. I still have my work lights hanging (you can see the cables), but the desk is mostly lean.

Cleaning up after a project is really a good idea. A clean workspace/bench makes it easier to find parts and tools. It also ensures you have the room required for your project. While my makerspace is a spare room in my apartment, you might have a full shop or garage. Cleaning might be more involved, but well worth the effort!

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